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Safe patient engagement. Guaranteed.


The Acalta Health Platform provides your patients with an app to interact and participate in care plans securely and easily.
One interface - regardless of time and place.

Your clinic in the pocket of your patients.

Individual branding

In addition to the usability and functionality of our app, the design plays a significant role. You don't want to do without your clinical corporate design? We offer you the possibility to implement your own branding in the app, so that your patients will immediately find themselves visually.

Mockup Dashboard Patienta North Beam

Interaction with the care plans

More Information

Data protection standards

Quality is our top priority. That is why, among other things, we attach great importance to the highest data protection requirements during the exchange of information - and throughout the entire treatment period.

Head start

Enable interaction

With Patienta, your patients can document their health status in an instant and share information with you. In addition, both you and your patients get an overview of the preceding and following treatment path. Strengthen your doctor-patient relationship for mutually satisfying healthcare.

Documentation of patient data

In the current clinical routine, patients cannot document their own health data in a meaningful way. With our app, this documentation is quick, easy and digital.

Benefit from smartphone use

The majority of your patients already own a smartphone. People of all ages use them every day. So why not use it for healthcare, which is so important?

Experience diversity

Patienta is open for use in all medical specialties.

Use Cases

Various clinics

Your patient already uses the app through another clinic? Wonderful! After all, there is no limit with Patienta, but an unlimited number of clinics can be mapped for the patient in parallel. In this case, more is actually more.

Contents of the own treatment team

The content your patient receives via the app comes directly from your clinic or treatment team. This means that instead of rigidly prescribing content, we rely on you being able to flexibly adapt your content at any time.