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Our app Patienta for the patient, Acalta Clinics for you and your clinic. With our browser application, we combine diverse functions in one tool for you.

Acalta Clinics Dashboard


Patient documentation overview

Every patient deserves individualized patient care. The dashboard provided in the Acalta Clinics browser application allows you to view the documentation of your own patients and their treatment pathways at any time.

Patient involvement

Through Acalta Clinics, you can easily engage your patients in a care plan at their first onsite visit and digitally follow their personalized care from then on.

User & rights management

Do you want to give various members of your treatment team access to the Acalta Health Platform? Use the application to control the rights of all hospital users.

Care plan management

We allow you to define as many care plans as you want. In Acalta Clinics you can manage them.

What are care plans?


Can be used on all devices
Browser application for all major browsers
Usable in the cloud
Hosting in your infrastructure